Chicago...with a side of disappointment...

 CHICAGO 6/18/2011

This past weekend was absolutely amazing (at least my trip to Chicago was)!  I planned a downtown outing with some friends from college because I missed them dearly...the plan was to do as we pleased, and leave when we pleased. My mom and little sister agreed to babysit Maddox for me, because there was no way in hell I would have had fun with a toddler along! I love em' to death...I do, but I love a little me time every once in a while too!  Helps hold together whatever sanity I have left lol ;)

Anyway, we arrived on separate trains and upon arriving we hugged one another like we hadn't seen each other in ages! In reality it had been about a month, Pathetic? Yes...,but it was so wonderful to see their faces. We went to Millennium Park, took a water taxi & strolled/ had lunch at Navy Pier, went to the beach and simply walked around the beautiful city...later we met up with another friend and had dinner before heading our separate ways. It was such a blast. Can't wait to see them again in August!

Side of Disappointment...

The past six days have not been wonderful in regards to my weight-loss journey! My diet has SUCKED to say the least; however, my workouts have been good. Getting back on track 100% tomorrow! I have Zumba tonight and plan to run and swim in the morning. My goal for this week is to really up my cardio and incorporate some weight-lifting. I'll step on the scale on the 29th and update my weight-loss so far...(still at 21lbs. for now). Goal for August 1st is to be down another 20lbs.