Your mom goes to college!

The Fall semester of 2011 is finally dwindling down! I cannot believe how quickly my college career has gone by. As hard as things have been for me, it feels amazing to know that I am so close to reaching my dream of being a French teacher.--This, ladies and gentlemen, is my last year of classes! 

Throughout these past four years I have met the most amazing people, have had the most amazing experiences and have learned so much about the French language, myself, and the world around me. 
Without my family, I know that accomplishing my goals and making my dreams a reality would have been 1000x harder. I'm so thankful for them and the fact that I will soon have the degree that will enable me to provide for my son without struggling; I feel that my family may never understand exactly how much I truly appreciate their love, support, and strength. 

If you're a young mother please know that you CAN do it, you CAN succeed! Although having family support helps a whole heck of a lot, there is so much help out there for one to make it alone too! --Know your options, seek information...don't give up, you CAN do this! 


A College Mommy

"Pour ce qui est de l'avenir, il ne s'agit pas de le prévoir mais de le rendre possible."Antoine de Saint-Exupéry