Love, Life, The New Year: My Goals For 2012

I've come to the realization that I will always love a certain person from my past...whether it's him or the idea of him that I love...well...perhaps it's both. But what I do know for certain is that it is silly to hold onto ideas of the 'what could have been' and 'what if's ' when there seems to be no chance of things working out...You've got to know when to walk away...especially when there are other people in this world worth giving a true shot.

Speaking of which, in two days the man worth giving a shot and I will have been together six months; however, it feels as though we've been together for years. Never have I felt more comfortable and beautiful with a man- No make up, hair a hot mess, clothes, no clothes, talking politics or talking cosmo...doesn't matter--To him I am beautiful: to him I am special. It feels wonderful to be loved for the imperfections that make you perfectly you.

The way he and I vibe and openly's almost as if I'm dating my best friend & I love it...I love him.

My last semester of classes is quickly approaching (January 17th to be exact). After that, I have one semester of student teaching and then graduation in December 2012! This semester I am taking 21credit hours...and my goal is to get all A's! It will be tough but I know that I can do it! Wish me luck just in case ;) lol

I hate that the day classes start, is also Maddox's 3rd birthday -- it means that not much can be done on his special day...the weekend after will have to suffice.

I can't believe how fast he has grown! It feels like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time... It was the best day of my life.

I love my little crazy as he drives me sometimes...

He is currently potty training. He pee's on the potty but refuses to poop on it (-_-) ... Any advice is greatly appreciated!

To get him to pee on the potty we simply brought him in the bathroom anytime that we had to go- & had him sit on his potty. Eventually he just went! Now he likes going because we make a big deal about it when he does and because he gets to wear 'big boy' underwear...

I welcome the day that he goes on the potty 100% of the time...

My Goals For 2012
2011 was a decent year for me...2012 is just about improving what I've already been doing...Here is my short list of goals:
  • Continue my weight-loss journey--I've been doing pretty well with keeping the weight off but need to make more of an effort to LOSE more weight with proper diet and exercise! (Thankfully my bf is a fit/athletic guy and is willing to aid me on my journey!)
  • Speak more French with Maddox--which is difficult when surrounded by English!
  • Travel--I haven't gone anywhere in a few years...I'm thinking Mexico in March, and France in May! 
  • Get out of the house more!--I just want to get out, do more & see more...Would love to see the Chicago Symphony, visit a piano bar, jazz bar & see a few concerts! 
 Happy New Year, ladies and gents! Best wishes with your goals! You can do it!!!!!! ;)