A 1-day trip to Elgin...

Yesterday my family and I decided to go visit family in Elgin, IL...I come from a big, loud, European family that's always growing, so visits are chaotic and sometimes stressful, but also a lot of fun (especially for the kids!)

We took the boys swimming, let them play in the sprinkler, gave them ice cream, let them play in the bounce house, they picked raspberries with grandma, visited my great grandmother (Md's great great grandmother), etc.

Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Needless to say they slept VERY well last night!

Last night--After the boys got ready for bed my aunt Caryn and I walked a little over 3 miles, and I had walked a mile earlier with my aunt Mal.

Despite being tempted to cheat on my 100- day challenge. I didn't! :) I'm seeing results ladies and gents, and I'm feeling pretty damn proud of myself. ( 100 Day Challenge )

Took some more progress pictures a bathing suit! lol Can't wait to post them next to the after pics! ;)

Today--- has been pretty relaxed. Had a nice drive back "home" with Mal...we talked about how wild we were and reminisced & chit chatted about people from our past.

It really is crazy how fast the years fly by...The old me never thought she'd be a mom, or soon to be college grad.
 I'll be 23 in four months, graduating in six months...Wtf? Feels unreal.


I've had a good weekend thus far. & it was nice to be surrounded by family for a couple days...


Dress your size!

I hate seeing big beautiful women wearing clothes that are WAYYYYY too small! ...hell...I hate seeing smaller girls wear things that are too small.

I'm a curvy girl and know how hard it can be to find clothes that truly fit your voluptuous curves but you MUST put in the effort...otherwise you look trashy, rather gross & bigger than you actually are!!

Here are my 10 tips for dressing your size:
#1- Get measured! Stores often have people who can do this for you...or if that makes you uncomfortable, do it yourself at home.
#2- If you buy a cotton shirt...get a size up! Cotton shrinks!
#3- If you are curvy, have a little extra in the middle, or have a bootylicious ass...DO NOT try to wear low rise jeans...unless you are thin, these usually just accentuate a muffin top, or a butt-crack...(some "skinny" jeans do this as well...BEWARE!)
#4 Big and beautiful? Wear shirts that at least cover the belt loops of your pants. Hell...just make sure your gut is covered.
#5 Opt for stretchy materials
#6 Look for clothing that breaths! Materials that are 100% polyester can wear very heavily and cause sweat...and sweat stains. Not sexy.
#7 Make sure you have some color in your all- black-slimming closet...they can have a slimming effect as well! 
#8 If you don't actually need a belt don't wear one!!!! (see photo above!)
#9 Check out plus-size stores like Lane Bryant (sizes 14-28), or stores that are known for their plus size, curve loving clothing, like Maurices (sizes 1-24) can even order online! Plus-size stores often cater to curves.
#10 In whatever you are wearing...BE CONFIDENT! You're beautiful :)

Do you have any tips to add?