100 Day Challenge!


I hate that I blog on and off, however, I'm here...& hope to stick around a while.

After a stressful semester at school (and home) I have definitely put on some extra poundage! I decided a few days ago that I'm going to go about weight-loss differently this time around. So...I started a 100 day challenge for myself to get things started.

My 100 Day Challenge:
  • Drink only water (I'm only drinking Kangen water)
  • Track food calories EVERYDAY (and be below or meet daily calorie goal) 
  • Workout at least 1hr a day
  • Walk/jog at least 1 mile a day
Since Sunday (When I REALLY started) I have burned a ton of calories at the gym and even at home...the results? I've lost 12lbs! Pretty exciting...I can feel my body kicking into gear and getting ready for this journey.

Took some before pics...maybe I'll post them after the 100 days... along with the after pics! :) 

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