Dress your size!

I hate seeing big beautiful women wearing clothes that are WAYYYYY too small! ...hell...I hate seeing smaller girls wear things that are too small.

I'm a curvy girl and know how hard it can be to find clothes that truly fit your voluptuous curves but you MUST put in the effort...otherwise you look trashy, rather gross & bigger than you actually are!!

Here are my 10 tips for dressing your size:
#1- Get measured! Stores often have people who can do this for you...or if that makes you uncomfortable, do it yourself at home.
#2- If you buy a cotton shirt...get a size up! Cotton shrinks!
#3- If you are curvy, have a little extra in the middle, or have a bootylicious ass...DO NOT try to wear low rise jeans...unless you are thin, these usually just accentuate a muffin top, or a butt-crack...(some "skinny" jeans do this as well...BEWARE!)
#4 Big and beautiful? Wear shirts that at least cover the belt loops of your pants. Hell...just make sure your gut is covered.
#5 Opt for stretchy materials
#6 Look for clothing that breaths! Materials that are 100% polyester can wear very heavily and cause sweat...and sweat stains. Not sexy.
#7 Make sure you have some color in your all- black-slimming closet...they can have a slimming effect as well! 
#8 If you don't actually need a belt don't wear one!!!! (see photo above!)
#9 Check out plus-size stores like Lane Bryant (sizes 14-28), or stores that are known for their plus size, curve loving clothing, like Maurices (sizes 1-24) can even order online! Plus-size stores often cater to curves.
#10 In whatever you are wearing...BE CONFIDENT! You're beautiful :)

Do you have any tips to add?