Chicago and a new addition to the family...

July 8th was my 1 year anniversary with my beau. We decided to spend a day/evening in downtown Chicago to celebrate since my mother and sister kindly agreed to babysit. Our first stop in Chicago was the Sears Tower (or Willis Tower...which no Chicagoan will ever call it). We wanted to be touristy despite having been there 1000 times and decided to try the Skydeck for the first time. The Skydeck is 1,353 ft in the air...103 stories high. I almost peed myself in the elevator, however, it was an amazing experience.

The view was simply breathtaking. Chicago is truly a beautiful city. Every time I'm in this city a feeling of being home comes over me. I am comfortable, I am confident. I am happy. Not many cities entice me the way Chicago does. I will forever love this city...

As I stepped on the ledge of the Skydeck my heart sank. Between me and a terrible concrete splattering death was a sheet of glass... Crazy to think about, but again, it was an amazing experience.
** & Yes, below that is a tattoo of Michael Jackson on my foot. DON'T JUDGE ME!**

 After the Skydeck we checked into the Amalfi hotel. Fantastic location, great view, decent price, and great service (except for the rude b%t!h at the end). I would stay there again in a heartbeat!

We relaxed a little while at the hotel and then set off for Second City. Second City is an improv comedy club. I had never been there, but heard great things. We saw a show called "The Second City 100th Revue: Who Do We Think We Are?"...
Seating was interesting, you sit really close to other people and share a table with strangers. Not too crazy about that part, but it made it a more social experience.The show itself was beyond worth the money. It was the FUNNIEST show EVER! Absolutely fantastic! A must see if you are visiting the windy city! There wasn't a single tedious moment, and the cast was extremely talented. Needless to say, I look forward to going back!

The next day we went to navy pier, walked around, and went on the Ferris wheel for the first time...
It was fun but definitely a 1 or 2 time thing.

After the Ferris wheel, we had lunch with my guy's father and then I headed to Elgin solo to be reunited with my munchkin. Even though it was only 24 hours apart...I missed Maddox.

At my grandparents house (which is where my mom and sister had Maddox) I got to meet and photograph the latest addition to our family:

Baby Eli

 He's beautiful, and such a cute little guy!

6lbs 3oz! So tiny and sweet!!!

Man...don't baby smiles just melt your heart?

Almost makes me want another little one... (Hmm..but not ANY TIME soon!)  

*Sigh* Anyways, welcome to this crazy world baby Eli!

Thank you for reading!!!!

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