Garage Sales & a Photoshoot...

The women in my family LOVE a good garage sale...or anything involving shopping & good deals

So...early this morning my mother, Maddox, Mallory (my aunt), and Harrison (her son), went to a few garage sales in search of treasures.

Unfortunately, no real treasures were found, but it was still nice getting out of the house and spending time with family.

 After garage saling we grabbed lunch at a Mexican restaurant near my Aunt's house. The service was horrendous but the food was good. A steak burrito later, we were back in the car and on our way home.

The weather today was fanfreakingtastic! So when we got home I decided I wanted to go for a walk with Md and camara in tow...

We walked around downtown Lasalle & I think I captured some pretty good shots of my little guy. 
Maddox cooperated wonderfully and the weather and lighting were perfect! Talk about a trifecta!
I love days like these...

Maddox- 3 Years Old

Hoping your day was just as pleasant! :)
Thanks For Reading!!


  1. What a good looking kid :) Nice shots. What camera do you use?

  2. Thank you!!! :) I use a Nikon P500. I love it! however, I'm dying for a DSLR!

  3. Your son is soooo cute! Great pictures! Thanks for the follow--returning the favor! :)

  4. What a great blog! Super cute! Thanks for sharing :)YOur son is so cute and I LOVE your blog title

  5. Thank you, Holly!! :)

    & Thank you, Ashlee! --Now following your blog! :)

  6. Great pictures! Your son is a cutie :)

  7. Thank you, Charlotte!! :)