Raising a boy...

 When I learned that I was pregnant I prayed that it was a girl. I fantasized about taking my little girl shopping, doing her hair, dressing her in tutus and adorning her with ribbons and bows.I even had her name picked out...For some reason the thought that I could have a boy didn't feel like a possibility.

Boy was I wrong!

When a penis appeared on the ultrasound screen, I was shocked...well...perhaps scared is a better word. I couldn't help but cry. What the hell was I going to do with a boy? I am a terrible athlete, I don't enjoy bugs, mud or anything else that I assumed little boys enjoyed.

His father wasn't going to be around...

So was I going to have to teach him how to throw a ball? Could I teach him to go potty without the proper equipment? Would I have to start watching sports?...My mind was racing.

 I felt terrible for being upset about having a boy, however, looking back I think it is okay that I was upset. I was afraid, inexperienced, and alone.

The moment I saw Maddox all fears disappeared. He was my child. His sex no longer mattered...
he was alive, he was healthy, and he was there in my arms. 

While shopping for boy's clothes is not as much fun as shopping for girl's clothes, I LOVE having a son. He is fun, sweet, smart, funny, happy & is beginning to share my love of super heroes (currently obsessed with Spiderman).

I was afraid for nothing...I am having no trouble raising a boy. He can throw and catch, he's fully potty trained, etc. 

While raising a boy has been, overall, simple... 

I'm expecting that raising a good man will be a tad bit more challenging...

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. This reminds me of trying to teach my little man to pee standing up. it was interesting,and funny, but he learned. Little Boys are so wonderful.