Visiting My Dad...

On Saturday (June 30th), Md and I came to visit my dad. I hadn't been to his house or spent any amount of quality time with him in over a year. I'm glad we are here...

On arrival, we went grocery shopping and picked up some stuff so that we could cook dinner together. We made pork chops cooked with apples and onions and some other tasty secrets, all served with rice. Twas delicious, to say the least! 

While cooking we talked about a variety of topics; the topic that made me cry was my grandmother, his mother, who we miss terribly.

My grandmother was an amazing woman. She basically raised me until I was 11 years old. When she lost her battle with cancer, I was devastated... there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her, or the lessons she taught me. I would give anything to hug her again and have her tell me she is proud of me, and that everything will be okay.

I think what killed me the most is when my dad mentioned that my grandmother would have simply adored Maddox.

My eyes are watering just thinking about how much I wish she were here to see him.....

*sigh* anyways...after dinner we just chatted some more and then went to sleep.

Sunday, My dad decided he wanted to take us for a drive. He said we were going to the Bahai Temple near Chicago. I had never been there, nor heard of it. My grandfather (whom I never met) was apart of the Bahai faith before his death, and used to take my dad to the temple often. I'm glad my dad shared this experience with us. 

It was beautiful! Beautiful gardens, beautiful fountains. Just beautiful. But...what really impressed me was the architecture. Gorgeous! & SO detailed!

I loved it...

On our way back to my dad's house there was some pretty bad weather that left us without power when we returned... and with most of our electronics dying, we were forced to actually socialize *cue the horror music*. 

Me, Denise (My dad's girlfriend), Dad, and Maddox simply sat around the table with candles lit, listening to music, and chatting. 

We talked for hours, Md and Denise made shadow puppets and we just relaxed and enjoyed the eerie stillness of a powerless, facebookless, textingless, twitterless, evening. 

I really enjoyed it...

However, thankfully the power returned this morning and we no longer have to suffer all Amish-style with self-entertainment or "real" communication ;)

It was a great weekend, loves. :) 

Thanks for reading!!

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