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Boyfriend vs. Semi truck weekend kinda stunk...

Friday I had an all day event to was a long drive & repetitive information + I received some crappy financial news via text during the conference (-_-)

Saturday my boyfriend decided that he was going to visit me...which sounds like a good thing, right?
Yeah...I thought so too. I was ecstatic! & was totally looking forward to an evening with him! Unfortunately though, at about 10:30pm on Saturday, I received a phone call from my guy telling me that he had been in an accident with a semi truck.
My heart sank, and my mind began to race. I really couldn't believe that he had been hit by a semi and was managing to call me!

He informed me that he was OK, but I still couldn't help but worry.
My boyfriend was on the side of the highway...had just been in an accident...and it was 10:30pm.

To save you some reading...he was only 15 min. away from my house when the accident occurred (crappy luck, eh?) & I got him back to my house around 3am.
It was a long night to say the least.

What still has me shocked is that he walked away from an accident that should have killed him, with only a scratch on his knee!!

A true miracle if I've ever seen one...

His accident really has me thinking about how precious life is and how important it is that our loved ones always know exactly how we feel, because tomorrow isn't promised, people!

I'm so happy that he is alive and well :) ; I'm not sure what I would have done if I lost him.

I love you, AHJ! ;)

Oh...and Sunday I turned my laptop in to Best Buy for the 546231655 time this year! Hoping that they will junk it and give me $ towards a new one...we'll see!

Thanks for Reading!!

How was your weekend? Better than mine I hope!

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Motivation...where art thou?

I have had little to no motivation to do much of anything today. I'm thinking it's a combination of fatigue and being sick that has me wiped out. I would say that I have spent about 69.8% of today thinking about sleep, and the rest thinking about how great a burrito and some guacamole sounds...


Unfortunately, I will get neither sleep nor Mexican food today.

But anyways...on the topic of motivation, I have lost some weight over these past couple of weeks, & I'm assuming it's because of my lifestyle change. I'm out of the house all day long, drinking lots of water & constantly moving. Seeing my body slowly change (again) is motivating me to help it along...

This week I plan to get to the gym AT LEAST twice, and get out for a walk or run AT LEAST thrice. 

Non-weight-loss related goals of the week:
  • Get some organizing/cleaning done
  • Work on being more patient with Md
  • Work on my photography
  • Blog regularly 

Thanks for Reading, Loves! 

Do you set small attainable goals for yourself?

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Obama Is Mixed...


Obama and his mother--love this picture! race doesn't matter much to me...

However, I HATE when people say that Obama is Black! 

His mother was WHITE people! & his father was BLACK!
What does that make him? 

*cues jeopardy music*

(Well...what is mixed? if I were to respond Jeopardy style...)

As a mixed person, I despise when people only identify me as being white, or black. I am both. & I am proud. 

Growing up, I was never fully accepted as being black, & I was never fully accepted as being white either...

I was called things like Oreo baby, mutt, zebra baby, light bright, etc.

For a while, I was actually ashamed of being mixed; I wasn't quite sure as to where I fit in...

It wasn't until my late teen years that I began to love who I am & appreciate the benefits that come with being a mutt... naturally curly hair, year round golden tan, extra awesomeness, etc. 

I wonder how Obama feels about only having one side represented...

P.S. Thank you to however started putting "Check all that apply" & "Two or more races" on applications/forms. WAYYYY better than the option "Other" (-_-)

Thanks for Reading...(& tolerating my mini-rant)!

 If you haven't entered the giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to be used at .....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! It's easy to enter, easy to win! :