Motivation...where art thou?

I have had little to no motivation to do much of anything today. I'm thinking it's a combination of fatigue and being sick that has me wiped out. I would say that I have spent about 69.8% of today thinking about sleep, and the rest thinking about how great a burrito and some guacamole sounds...


Unfortunately, I will get neither sleep nor Mexican food today.

But anyways...on the topic of motivation, I have lost some weight over these past couple of weeks, & I'm assuming it's because of my lifestyle change. I'm out of the house all day long, drinking lots of water & constantly moving. Seeing my body slowly change (again) is motivating me to help it along...

This week I plan to get to the gym AT LEAST twice, and get out for a walk or run AT LEAST thrice. 

Non-weight-loss related goals of the week:
  • Get some organizing/cleaning done
  • Work on being more patient with Md
  • Work on my photography
  • Blog regularly 

Thanks for Reading, Loves! 

Do you set small attainable goals for yourself?

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1 comment:

  1. Going to the gym first thing in the morning helps me! And seeing my body changing is my biggest motivator!