Obama Is Mixed...


Obama and his mother--love this picture! race doesn't matter much to me...

However, I HATE when people say that Obama is Black! 

His mother was WHITE people! & his father was BLACK!
What does that make him? 

*cues jeopardy music*

(Well...what is mixed? if I were to respond Jeopardy style...)

As a mixed person, I despise when people only identify me as being white, or black. I am both. & I am proud. 

Growing up, I was never fully accepted as being black, & I was never fully accepted as being white either...

I was called things like Oreo baby, mutt, zebra baby, light bright, etc.

For a while, I was actually ashamed of being mixed; I wasn't quite sure as to where I fit in...

It wasn't until my late teen years that I began to love who I am & appreciate the benefits that come with being a mutt... naturally curly hair, year round golden tan, extra awesomeness, etc. 

I wonder how Obama feels about only having one side represented...

P.S. Thank you to however started putting "Check all that apply" & "Two or more races" on applications/forms. WAYYYY better than the option "Other" (-_-)

Thanks for Reading...(& tolerating my mini-rant)!

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