Nice weekend...overall.

Maddox, the boyfriend & I spent the weekend in Bloomington, IL. We went to Miller Park Zoo, did some shopping, ate, went swimming, and then returned home today...Overall, it was a great weekend.

Last weekend we were in Chicago and went to the Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, and to Highland Park. We stayed at a hotel during both trips and had some pretty great service...I really enjoy mini getaways with my boys; however, Maddox just about gave me a heart attack today...

I woke up early this morning to the smell of urine...not my own thank god! But Maddox's... (-_-) He NEVER pees the bed...and I can't believe that of all the times to wet the bed, it happened in a hotel!

I freaked out a little, took off all of the bedding, and then made my way down to the front desk. The front desk service was beyond friendly and informed me that it was no big deal (which was a relief since I was expecting some sort of fine). They gave me new bedding & all was well again!
I think next time, before a hotel stay, I will have to go out and buy pull-ups!

But anyways...since getting home, today had been filled with laundry, cleaning & taking care of the little guy...

Looking forward to the week ahead :) 
& hoping that you had a relaxing weekend!

Thanks for reading! 

What did you do this weekend?!
Ever had a child pee in a hotel bed?


Location, location, location...

Alright, so this weeks weigh-in kinda stunk...

I lost .5 lbs. (-_-) an effor to have a better weight-loss week, I have moved the bathroom scale to the kitchen as a reminder to myself that I am accountable for the crap that I put into my mouth.
I'm hoping that this new scale location will help me reach a greater number for next Friday...I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
Be sure to check out how the other ladies in this challenge are doing! :
My goal is to be down 40lbs. by December. so far I have lost 12.5lbs!
It's not to late to join us! Check out how this got started --

Weight-Loss Challenge: Week 1

Week one has come and gone!
Today was our first weigh-in! :)

I was pretty nervous, but knew that I had to have lost something! & I did. I lost 4.2lbs this week...which brings my total weight-loss so far to 10.2lbs. While I still have a million pounds to shed, I am happy with my progress.

This challenge will last until December 25th, and our "new bodies" and new healthy habits will be like presents to ourselves ;)

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I am so proud of these ladies! & glad that we are in this together!
My goals for this week: 
  • Go for a jog at least once.
  • Make healthier food choices.
  • Drink more water instead of diet tea.
I think it's so important to make short attainable goals! It makes reaching the bigger goals a heck of a lot easier :)
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Good-bye to another weekend...

This weekend was lovely...

Went to a football game, spent time with Md and AHJ, got my new laptop, worked, and relaxed.

Diet and exercise wise, things could have been better...
I stayed under my daily calorie goal, however, I wasn't eating as healthy as I would like to be.
I plan to work on that this week & hope to get out for walks with Md at least a couple of times this week.

Student teaching is going beautifully! I actually look forward to Monday's now (and the rest of the weekdays), because I can't wait to teach. My students are wonderful & I'm so proud of how well they are doing. I wasn't sure before this experience if I was making the right career choice...but I now know that I am. There are no words to explain how neat it is to connect with these kids and see them learn and have fun doing so!

 I can't wait until I have my own classroom! :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Wishing you a fabulous & productive week!

Thanks for Reading!

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Gaining weight alone is easy and sometimes even fun...that is, until you walk past a mirror or see a picture of yourself...

Losing weight sucks. 
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**Alexis--this is my blog--my goal is to be 30lbs. lighter by December 25th**

We can do this!!! :)