Good-bye to another weekend...

This weekend was lovely...

Went to a football game, spent time with Md and AHJ, got my new laptop, worked, and relaxed.

Diet and exercise wise, things could have been better...
I stayed under my daily calorie goal, however, I wasn't eating as healthy as I would like to be.
I plan to work on that this week & hope to get out for walks with Md at least a couple of times this week.

Student teaching is going beautifully! I actually look forward to Monday's now (and the rest of the weekdays), because I can't wait to teach. My students are wonderful & I'm so proud of how well they are doing. I wasn't sure before this experience if I was making the right career choice...but I now know that I am. There are no words to explain how neat it is to connect with these kids and see them learn and have fun doing so!

 I can't wait until I have my own classroom! :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Wishing you a fabulous & productive week!

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  1. You seem happy. Which is great. I hope your teaching continues to go well. All the best with your weightloss

  2. Thank you so much!

    I am happy! :) I haven't been this happy in years actually. & although I am enjoying the bliss...I know that something is bound to go wrong. Pessimistic? Perhaps, but I think realistic is more like it. ;)

    Thank you for reading!