This week I realized that my weight-loss journey isn't going the way I want it to...I have a pretty active/busy lifestyle, but I struggle with my love of food!

Unhappy with my eating habits, I have been doing my research on different weight-loss/diet programs and couldn't find one that wouldn't make me feel deprived or starving, that is, until I saw another Weight-Watcher's commercial and decided that I'm going to give it a shot...

The idea that you can eat what you want, but must pay attention to portions and points is what attracted me to the program.

I went to the local meeting today and must admit that I was nervous, embarrassed, and a little apprehensive.

But, I'm glad I went...

I was greeted by smiling faces, weighed-in, signed up, and stayed for the meeting. Hearing various success stories from people that were physically right before my eyes was motivational and has given me hope for this program. I weigh-in again next Saturday! :)

Compared to other programs, WW is fairly inexpensive. I'll keep you posted on my progress and will continue to do the weight-loss bloggy-buddies challenge that I started here on my blog. --

Thank you for reading! 

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No weigh-in for me today...

I am not weighing in today.

I refuse to actually... for fear of what I might see, and for fear of how I might feel about it.
This week I've been feeling a little stressed out and perhaps depressed, and with the scale in the kitchen and with every mirror I pass, I just haven't been feeling good about me.

I'm working on it...and hoping to get out of this funk soon.

I'll weigh-in next Friday for sure! Until then...

I hope you ladies in the challenge have done well this week! & know that I am so very proud of you!

Thanks for Reading!