No weigh-in for me today...

I am not weighing in today.

I refuse to actually... for fear of what I might see, and for fear of how I might feel about it.
This week I've been feeling a little stressed out and perhaps depressed, and with the scale in the kitchen and with every mirror I pass, I just haven't been feeling good about me.

I'm working on it...and hoping to get out of this funk soon.

I'll weigh-in next Friday for sure! Until then...

I hope you ladies in the challenge have done well this week! & know that I am so very proud of you!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I was feeling the same way last week. I'm struggling and would like to join in on your weight loss challenge.

    1. I think the best part of this challenge is knowing that you are not alone. Welcome to the challenge, Crystal! :) Wishing you the very best of luck!

  2. Hey Alexis! I just stumbled upon your blog, glad I checked it out. I look forward to keeping up with your progress (and catching up with older posts!)