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Sentiment Bracelets

Valentine's Day is coming up and if you haven't yet purchased a gift for your loved one, I would suggest checking out Personalcreations.com , Redenvelope.com, or Proflowers.com

I was recently given the oppurtunity to review a product (complimentary) from Personalcreations.com and blog about the experience, so here it goes:

I ordered a pink ribbon bracelet and a custom made T-shirt from Personalcreations.com. Ordering was simple, safe and quick, and the products arrived at my home less than a week later. 
The bracelet is absolutely beautiful and the T-shirt is better than I imagined it would look! I am extremely pleased with the products and with the service, and I feel good about recommending these companies to friends, family, and to my readers. 

Feel free to check out their websites for great gift ideas! 

**All opinions are my own, I did receive these products for free, however, my review today is an honest one.


The me I want to be...

Some days I feel like a Russian nesting doll...

Yeah, I'm attractive and exotic looking...but I'm dying to become the smaller doll that I know is under this plus-sized doll! lol

I want to feel better in my clothes, I want more energy and I want my confidence back! I haven't been plus-sized all of my life, so I know exactly what I have to look forward to when I get back to skinny me; however, I frickin' LOVE food! It's quite the catch 22... (-_-) If only I could be skinny and eat what I want again...

But anyways...

I'm working on portion control at the moment, going to start doing Zumba again and give kickboxing a try...and **drum roll please** I want to run a 5k!

*sigh* I have always been a sh***y runner...I was the girl that walked and talked with her friends during the mile in high school...but for some reason I've had this urge to get out there and run, so I'm going to do it! I'm starting on Monday and will begin my search for a local 5k to participate in :)

The 5k is my main goal for 2013...it's not much I guess...but it will mean so much to me and my weight-loss struggle if (I mean WHEN) I cross that finish line.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!