DIY: From cookie haven, to coin heaven!

If you're like me, you can't walk past the cookie jar without grabbing one...ESPECIALLY if said cookie is an oreo!
*takes a moment to daydream about oreos*

BUT!!!! if you are like me, you are also trying to lose why not turn your cruel cookie haven into a coin heaven (aka an adult piggy bank/change jar)?!

Today, that is exactly what I did! I have no cookies in the house & I would love to start saving up for a new outfit or something for when I reach my weight-loss goal.

So, I grabbed a jar (doesn't have to be a cookie jar...any old jar will do), bought some cheap paint that works on glass, and a package of inexpensive craft brushes and ribbon.

I started by writing out what I wanted my jar to say and added little flowers and polka dots to jazz it up...

Then, on one side of the jar I added a flower, and sponged X's on the other side...however, the design of your jar is entirely up to you.

When you're done, add a ribbon around the top of the jar & VOILA! Your coin heaven is done, so ditch the cookies and start saving for those skinny jeans or a little black dress! ;)

Being non-artsy fartsy, your jar will probably turn out 100x better than mine, but that's ok...I had fun doing this :) 

Thanks for reading! 

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