Guest Post: From Aspiring Make-up Artist Michelle Childs!

Michelle, a very talented make-up artist, helps women of all shades to reach their desired "level of beauty". She is a beautiful person, woman and mother and knows how hard women thrive to enhance their beauty and is there to help! Need tips or advice? Make her your go-to gal! 

In a world where we are surrounded by so many beautiful women, where as many of them happen to be in the public eye; and are forced to look their very best at all times. Many of us are left wondering what is the secret to this fabulosity?! I may not have the answer to everything but as an aspiring makeup artist, my job is to help women reach that level of beauty and confidence that they seek when looking at their favorite celebrity on the cover of a magazine! Kim Kardashian and Beyonce make it look so easy to be beautiful! Although makeup may not be for everyone for those that enjoy getting 'glammed up' there are plenty of different cosmetics lines out there and many that carry different products that work differently for different people. A few of my favorites happen to be MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, a few lines carried at Sephora and many more! I am in the process of building my clientele which has been successfully growing over the past year. I have been inspired by so many other artists and in due time I will have a YouTube channel setup for those that would like to see my work. If you have any questions feel free to contact me @ and follow my Instagram @ iamshelly.

 Beautiful ladies please do keep in mind, makeup is not used to make one beautiful, it is used to enhance beauty. Until next time! 

- Michelle

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