Long Live Candice!

So Maddox's baby turtle Candice died last week...

& he just found out last night.

When she died, I had NO IDEA how to break the news to I chickened out and decided to wait until he noticed. We still have 3 turtles, so I thought there was a good chance that he would never notice.

But nope...
(Candice is the smallest turtle on the left)

Last night, after dinner, the words I was dreading to hear rang in my ears, "Mom, where's Candice?"...I sat him down and explained to him (to the best of my ability) that Candice was sick and that she had died. He replied that I should get her out of the dirt and give her medicine...and then began to cry when I told him that that wasn't a possibility.

Saddest. thing. ever!

He had so many questions and some were difficult to answer...

Our great grandmother recently passed away, and now his turtle. I hate that he has had to experience loss so soon...yes, I know that death it is an inevitable topic, but having never died myself, and being that death is complicated...I just don't know how to put it in sufficient four year old terms...hell, I don't even understand it.

I know childhood innocence and naivety only last so long, but I wish there was some way to preserve it a little longer.


Thanks for reading!

(Visiting Grandma when she was sick)

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