Three Hundred & Twenty-Two.

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning (and sometimes other days) I drive past a sign on the highway that tells me how many traffic deaths have occurred in Illinois this year.

Needless to say, it is a very depressing way to start the day.

The first day that I noticed this sign it was at 97...
I remember the drive perfectly! I was eating a banana, shuffling through my iTouch and was on the phone...I'm a fantastic multi-tasker, I know ! However, this sign was rather shocking and even made me put my banana and phone down.

Today, it's at 322.

Every time I pass this sign I feel a horrible... sadness.

Someones mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, best friend, lover, uncle....


& while it doesn't matter I suppose...I always think about how the accident happened. Could it have been avoided? Were they drunk? Were they texting? Was it their fault? What were their last thoughts? What was the weather like? Were they scared? Was it quick? 

These questions are never answered and they never need to be because either way these people are no longer among us. The "us" that still wakes up everyday and has the ability to make life changing decisions....

Next time you're out driving, look for your state's traffic death sign, and please think for a moment about what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming one of these numbers.

Is the text or call that important?

Is changing the song on your iPod worth dying for?

Are you so hungry that your drink/food can't wait?

Do you want to see your family and friends tomorrow?

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer...I just can't get this number of 322 off of my mind.

Take care of yourself, friends! 

Thanks for reading!

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