Hello, ladies...and possibly gentleman! 

I am motivated to jump back on the fitness wagon and hope that you will join me! 

Sunday 6/23/2013 I will be starting the summer challenge seen below...

& I am so looking forward to the results! 6 weeks is totally doable and can really help create lifestyle changes that stick! 

To join, simply comment below with your name, and a link to your blog, twitter, or facebook, and post once a week about your progress...

My hope is that we can motivate one another and inspire others!

Whatever day that you decide to start, post about the challenge! It will help hold you accountable. & do not forget to take a "before" pic for your eyes only! It's amazing how much motivation a picture can provide! ;) 

Let the summer challenge BEGIN!!!!


  1. I will totally join this! Every day I've been telling myself to "do the healthier thing", all I needed was a challenge!

  2. I already drink only water. We rarely eat out. I have a few more weeks of Tai Cheng left. On the weekends I work on my garden.

    My weekly progress reports are posted on my blog at

  3. I am with you! I added a post to my fitness section on my blog. I have been working out and watching what I eat for a while now. I already do a ton....but I am bad about drinking Ginger Ale :( going to miss my friend ginger ale lol

  4. So glad you all have joined! It will be totally worth it :)