A Nice Weekend...

Another weekend is coming to an end, and while I typically look forward to Mondays...I wish this weekend could have lasted a little longer.

Friday the painting in the living room and kitchen got finished, and I spent a decent night at home with loved ones :) my brother turned 23!

Joyeux anniversaire, Garrette!

Saturday was my grandmother's birthday (although she is no longer with us), and me and Md visited my dad near Chicago, went to the park, and had lunch with him.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

I was also able to get some good shots of Md! (pics below)

Sunday (today), is my baby sister's birthday! She is 16!!! Man does time fly...I remember her being born like it was yesterday. Which makes me feel quite old :( lol

Joyeux anniversaire, ma belle Panda!

This morning we ran some errands, had a little cookout this afternoon and now we are simply hanging out, talking and reminiscing. Later on my sister will blow out her candles and we'll call it a day...

*Le Sigh*

Time spent with family and friends goes by too quickly...and never truly feels like enough.
I cherish every moment I have with them, and hope that you do the same with your family and friends, because life is short and time flies!

Thank you, for reading! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Park, Kid, Playing, Active, Healthy kids,

Park, Kid, Playing, Active, Healthy kids,

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