Goodbye, LaSalle!

The past couple of weeks have been chaotic to say the least.

 However, we are officially out of LaSalle and into a new place, and I LOVE it! 

Not only are we closer to family (which I'm sure will have its positives and negatives), we are closer to friends and better employment opportunities! WOOHOO!!! ;) 

There is also a great walking path within a few feet of our front door that Maddox loves to ride his bike on! And I'm hoping to start some morning/evening walks when things settle down a little. 

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The only things that I will miss about living in LaSalle will be living near Starved Rock, Maddox's daycare, and the mom & pop restaurants that you won't find anywhere else (which might end up being a good thing lol).

I did meet some amazing people living in the sticks and things were ok while it lasted... but since day one I have wanted to move back to the suburbs. I'm a city gal and need to be at least a train ride away from Chicago.

But anyways...

Just wanted to let you all know that I didn't disappear...I was just without internet until today thanks to the move... so don't worry... I'M BACK! ;)

Hope you all are doing well! 

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