Mini-Golf & Go Karting!

After a great weekend with family, I decided that Monday was going to be awesome too!
I took Maddox and my sister Amanda mini-golfing and go kart racing at a little place in town.

It was a lot of fun! Maddox was entertained by mini-golfing for the first few holes, but then lost interest and started goofing around and playing with the decorations and water, which was fine...he had a good time. 
Me and my sister actually played and I lost...as usual :( lol, but it was still fun. 

Go kart racing was a blast! Maddox LOVED it! They had little kid karts so Md got to race on the track alone, and then he rode passenger with me and we raced with my sister and a few strangers.

After the fun was over, we spent the day running errands and then I had to work until 9pm. 

Overall, it was a great day :) 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


And so it begins...

Back to school, school, semester, college

Knowing that I will not be starting a fresh semester of classes next month is...weird.

Being the nerd that I am, I LOVE school! I love new school supplies, I love buying books, I get excited for the first day of class, I love going to the library, I secretly love being overwhelmed with work...and the nerdery could continue...but I'll stop.

This semester, instead of being a student, I will be teaching!!!! And I also picked up an evening job at my alma mater for some extra cash. I feel like I can truly live now...as if my life is just beginning. *sigh* and I'm so ready!

I can't wait to do more and create new opportunities for me and my baby boy! :)

To the people that doubted me...

Never doubt a person with dreams, passion, and determination!
They'll always prove you wrong! ;) 

Thanks for reading!!


An On Going Journey...

I have been doing pretty well with eating healthy and exercising, and I have been drinking only water for a few weeks now. It isn't the most fun journey, but I am seeing results and feeling better already.

With hard work and dedication I will take this weight off that I so easily (and quickly) put on.
I think the key thing that is going to lead to my success is that this is a lifestyle change and NOT just a "get skinny quick" fad.

Another huge motivator is my desire to live the life I want.
I am tired of not going out with friends, avoiding people, and not truly living because I'm not comfortable with who I am.

I know that getting to my goal weight is going to be LIFE CHANGING! & I am SO excited! :)

How are you guys doing with your journey? 
What motivates you?

Thank you for reading!


Chicago: Brookfield Zoo

Yesterday we went to Brookfield Zoo with almost the entire family...
Me, Maddox, My brother, 3 Aunts, 1 Uncle, 5 boy cousins under the age of 10, and Grandma and Grandpa. 

We saw a bunch of animals, went to the dolphin show, touched sting rays, hung out with butterflies, etc.

It was a little chaotic but we had a wonderful day...

Here are some of the pics! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Have you gone to the zoo yet this summer?