An On Going Journey...

I have been doing pretty well with eating healthy and exercising, and I have been drinking only water for a few weeks now. It isn't the most fun journey, but I am seeing results and feeling better already.

With hard work and dedication I will take this weight off that I so easily (and quickly) put on.
I think the key thing that is going to lead to my success is that this is a lifestyle change and NOT just a "get skinny quick" fad.

Another huge motivator is my desire to live the life I want.
I am tired of not going out with friends, avoiding people, and not truly living because I'm not comfortable with who I am.

I know that getting to my goal weight is going to be LIFE CHANGING! & I am SO excited! :)

How are you guys doing with your journey? 
What motivates you?

Thank you for reading!

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