And so it begins...

Back to school, school, semester, college

Knowing that I will not be starting a fresh semester of classes next month is...weird.

Being the nerd that I am, I LOVE school! I love new school supplies, I love buying books, I get excited for the first day of class, I love going to the library, I secretly love being overwhelmed with work...and the nerdery could continue...but I'll stop.

This semester, instead of being a student, I will be teaching!!!! And I also picked up an evening job at my alma mater for some extra cash. I feel like I can truly live if my life is just beginning. *sigh* and I'm so ready!

I can't wait to do more and create new opportunities for me and my baby boy! :)

To the people that doubted me...

Never doubt a person with dreams, passion, and determination!
They'll always prove you wrong! ;) 

Thanks for reading!!

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