Water is underrated...

On June 23, 2013 I decided that I was only going to drink water.

For the first week, it was like freaking TORCHER! I CRAVED pop, juice and coffee! At restaurants it felt impossible at times to order water when there were perfectly made daiquiris to be had....but I stuck with it!

After a week of drinking only water, I realized how addicted I had been to sugar-loaded drinks.
By week two, I was still craving sugary beverages, but started to notice that my face looked thinner and my skin looked better, and other people were noticing too!
By week three the mega-cravings stopped and drinking water became easier.

& 8 weeks later!!!! I am still going strong! I have days where I would love a glass of wine or a cup of pop/juice, but I remind myself that these beverages have hundreds of unnecessary calories!

What was a 6 wk. challenge, is now a 1 year challenge to go without drinks other than water!

May the force be with me ;) 

My 6 favorite benefits of drinking water!

  1. Weight-loss/helps digestion
  2. Healthier skin
  3. Improves brain function
  4. Fuels muscles
  5. Fights sickness
  6. Improves mood

Can you give up sugary drinks for water?

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