Photo: New challenge! When complete, reveal your 90 day transformation or post progress with the hashtag #changein90 -- #fitness #health #challenge #weightloss #fit

Hello ladies (and possibly gents)! I created a challenge that is going to be an amazing kick off to a permanent lifestyle change! I am currently on day 3 and feeling good! Although saying "no" to pizza the other night felt like a sin, I know that this is doable and will help me to heal my body. 

If you want to join, that would be WONDERFUL! 
When complete, reveal your 90 day transformation or post progress with the hashtag #changein90 

I PROMISE to post a before and after picture on my blog & my IG (JeReveDeParis21) on day 90...despite how embarrassing it might

Let me know if any of you start! :) We can do this!!!!!


Busy me = Fatter me...

It seems like the crazier my schedule gets, the less I feel like coming home and cooking...and the easier it becomes to pull into a drive-thru.

Greasy crap food always sounds fantastic after a stressful day...

and then after, I think about the horrible things that I just put into my body and self-pity ensues.


I know this food is awful. & I eat it anyway!?!? 

I was able to start drinking ONLY water...and I have been for well over a month now, but giving up fast food is proving to be extremely difficult!

*le sigh*

So I am setting a small weekly goal. For the next week I will not eat fast food. & If I can do that, I'll go another week...and then another...and hopefully it will get a little easier.

Baby steps.

Hope you all are doing well!