Busy me = Fatter me...

It seems like the crazier my schedule gets, the less I feel like coming home and cooking...and the easier it becomes to pull into a drive-thru.

Greasy crap food always sounds fantastic after a stressful day...

and then after, I think about the horrible things that I just put into my body and self-pity ensues.


I know this food is awful. & I eat it anyway!?!? 

I was able to start drinking ONLY water...and I have been for well over a month now, but giving up fast food is proving to be extremely difficult!

*le sigh*

So I am setting a small weekly goal. For the next week I will not eat fast food. & If I can do that, I'll go another week...and then another...and hopefully it will get a little easier.

Baby steps.

Hope you all are doing well!

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