React Mobile: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Loved Ones!

In this sick and scary world that we live in, React Mobile is one of THE MOST important applications that you could have on your phone right now! It's free to download, and could save your life!

React Mobile is an application for smartphones that allows you to very easily seek help in an emergency.

Let's say that you are out on an early morning/late night run...and you're being followed...
or you feel unsafe walking to your car after work or an evening class...
or you've been in an accident...
or you have been kidnapped...

or any kind of emergency has taken place...

With the push of a button, this app will send out an SOS alert with your GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts (which you add after installation of the app). It can also post to Facebook and Twitter for you to let your followers know that you are in danger and where you are located.

This app also has a "follow me" feature that allows your selected emergency contacts to see where you are and when you make it to your destination safely! A perfect feature for parents, teachers, friends, and college students!

Please download this app immediately and spread the word! Let's save lives!

 For more information check out the links below:

 React Mobile Web site:

· React Mobile Web site: www.ReactMobile.com
· Google Play Download (available on select smartphones): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reactmobile.lite 
· React Overview Video: http://vimeo.com/61906781
· React App Demo Video: http://vimeo.com/61927390


My Gym Playlist

I always see posts about people looking for gym music...

Soooo here are a few songs that I listen to while I sweat it out! :) ...

Alex Ferrari- Bara Bara Bere Bere

Benny Benassi feat. John Legend- Dance The Pain Away

Beyonce- Run The World (Girls) 

Fergie - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All we got)

Robin Skouteris- Stronger Remix (Downloaded from Youtube!)

Kanye West- The New Workout Plan

Pitbull ft. Chris Brown- International Love

Katy Perry- Roar

Katy Perry- Firework

Britney Spears- Work B**ch

Avicii- Wake Me Up

Lady GaGa- The Edge of Glory

Eminem- Til I Collapse 

What do you listen to at the gym?


Slowly, but surely, falling in love with the gym!

For years I hated going to the gym. I hated feeling like the elephant in the room (quite literally) and just felt like people were judging me.

I joined a gym near my house and have been there 11 times in the 7 days that I have been a member... Here are some things that I have realized...

1. No one gives a **** if you're at the gym or not! Stop looking around to see who is looking at you and DO WORK! lol Seriously...don't make eye contact with people...just get your workout in and leave!

2. I LOVE how I feel after a good workout...even the pain the next day feels great! Pain means change! (although sometimes it means injury....and you should probably see your doc about that...)

3. Working out in the A.M gives me more energy throughout the day...and working out at night helps me sleep like a baby!

4. It's important to set fitness goals...and when you hit them- it feels AMAZING!

5. Even when you don't feel like going....GO! You won't regret it and you'll feel better once you're there.

At some point we have to stop making excuses and start WORKING for the bodies we want.

My October goals:

  • Go to the gym everyday for the rest of this month. 
  • Pay attention to the food I eat.
  • Drink only water (going strong since June 23)...BUT I might have a couple of drinks on the 19th for my birthday ;) 
  • Lose 13.2 pounds.
  • Gain more muscle.

What are your goals?