Pokemon Go!

Pokemon GO is a game changer. 

The game is getting kids up and moving and interacting with their peers and community instead of sitting in front of a television, or tablet, & I LOVE IT! 

When I was a kid, I collected Pokemon cards, but didn't hear about pokemon again for years, and I didn't know that it was still a thing until about 2 years ago when my son BEGGED for cards that he could take to school to trade with friends. (If only I would have kept my old trading cards! :( - would have saved so much money! lol)
When I heard that Pokemon was releasing a new app, I was hesitant about downloading it for my 7 year old, Pokemon obsessed, son. But, many people recommended we gave it a shot. 

Basically, the game uses your phone's GPS, and places pokemon characters around the town for you to physically (through your phones camera) go out and catch. They also have designated areas for you to go and battle your pokemon (like local schools, churches, water towers, etc.). 

I have seen so many people outside playing Pokemon GO...& to be honest, it has been both strange and pleasant to see so many people out walking around the neighborhood. 

So far I have seen people aged 7 to 29 playing this game.

I played for a little bit, and can definitely see why people are becoming obsessed.
If you're looking for ways to keep your kids busy and outside, I recommend trying out the app with your kids. :) 

M and I even went on an adventure together today to find some new Pokemon, and it was actually pretty exciting. lol

Check out this video from Mr.Mobile for a more indepth description:

Happy hunting! :) - What apps do your kids love?


Product Review: CozyPhones

About the company

Cozyphones were developed by a family owned business. They sell fun, comfortable, kids headband headphones AND headband headphones for all ages! They are great for sleep, meditation, sports, casual use, etc.
Cozyphones is a U.S. based business, and they promise 100% satisfaction. 

My review
My son LOVES them! We opened the package about an hour ago, and the pictures seen below are his genuine reaction to them. He didn't understand how headphones could be IN the headband because he says that he can't feel them (before this, he was using bulky over the ear headphones). 
My son "allowed" me to try them on for a few minutes, before letting me know that they are now his ;) , and they really are great. Good sound quality, comfortable to wear, and cute design for kids! :) 
My only semi-negative comment would be that I wish that they had more designs for the adult headband headphones. Like more colors or zebra print? However, I'm sure that as this great company expands, there will be greater choice.
To conclude, I am very pleased with this product, and I would definitely recommend Cozyphones to friends and family.
With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, what is there to lose?
Check out their site! CLICK HERE
The headphones are typically $29.99, but they are currently on sale for $19.99. 

Thank you for reading! xo

*For this review, we were sent 1 pair of Cozyphones.

Another family...

I have been a single parent for 7 years. I honestly can't believe it has been that long...

I found out that I was pregnant during the last week of high school, and I became a parent at the age of 19. My son's father was my best friend, but when we found out that I was pregnant, he claimed that he just wasn't ready.

The last time that my son saw his father was at the age of 1. His father then disappeared out of our lives, and has had 1 conversation with his son since (2 years ago). 

A couple of months ago I needed to speak with his father regarding our son and sent him a reply. He hadn't replied to any texts in months.

So, I went to Google. I thought maybe I had the wrong number for him and perhaps a Google search could pull up something...

It did.


There, I found listed a bunch of names...most I recognized as his family members...but one stood out.
A woman's name. One I hadn't seen before. I then typed this name into Facebook to see who she was, and what happened next left me absolutely flabbergasted. 

This woman is in fact the WIFE of my son's father...and guess what?! They have a 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! 

My heart SANK for my son. He has cried himself to sleep so many times asking about his father and wanting him in his life, and there he is...raising his daughter, but having nothing to do with his son.

How can I explain this to him? How do I explain that his sister gets a dad, but he doesn't? How do I explain to a 7 year old that there is nothing wrong with him and that his dad is just a dick?...Answer? You don't. You just try to love your child enough for two parents and pray that one day the other parent steps up.


I contacted the woman and asked her to have my son's father contact me. 

She didn't know about my son.


They are married and have a child, and she didn't even know that he has a 7 year old son?! 

I was livid. And I can't even imagine how she must have felt...but how dare he pretend that M doesn't exist! 

But guess who replied to my text soon after? (guess I did have the right number)

Yeah...let's just say that my son's father was not too thrilled about her finding out. BUT on the brightside, he said that he MIGHT see my son in NOVEMBER. What's another few months when you haven't seen your kid in 6 years, am I right?

For the record, he lives 45min. away, but his wife needs time to 'deal' with the information *eye roll*. 

I really hope that he will make an effort to be in our son's life. He really is an amazing kid, and he deserves so much better. & I have been super chill for 7 years...not sure why he treats us this way.

*Deep Sigh*

Thanks for reading! Wouldn't wish my soap opera life on any of you! lol

Time away from the blog world...

Hey there,

After some much needed time away from the blog world, I'm back! :)

During my time away I have been working on my career, raising my 7 year old, traveling (France, Spain, Vegas, New York, and more).

I went through a pretty tough breakup, entered the dating scene again, lost 30lbs, signed up for grad school, and so much more!

Hope you all are doing well! Stay tuned for new and frequent posts.

Thank you for reading!