Monday, July 11, 2016

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon GO is a game changer. 

The game is getting kids up and moving and interacting with their peers and community instead of sitting in front of a television, or tablet, & I LOVE IT! 

When I was a kid, I collected Pokemon cards, but didn't hear about pokemon again for years, and I didn't know that it was still a thing until about 2 years ago when my son BEGGED for cards that he could take to school to trade with friends. (If only I would have kept my old trading cards! :( - would have saved so much money! lol)
When I heard that Pokemon was releasing a new app, I was hesitant about downloading it for my 7 year old, Pokemon obsessed, son. But, many people recommended we gave it a shot. 

Basically, the game uses your phone's GPS, and places pokemon characters around the town for you to physically (through your phones camera) go out and catch. They also have designated areas for you to go and battle your pokemon (like local schools, churches, water towers, etc.). 

I have seen so many people outside playing Pokemon GO...& to be honest, it has been both strange and pleasant to see so many people out walking around the neighborhood. 

So far I have seen people aged 7 to 29 playing this game.

I played for a little bit, and can definitely see why people are becoming obsessed.
If you're looking for ways to keep your kids busy and outside, I recommend trying out the app with your kids. :) 

M and I even went on an adventure together today to find some new Pokemon, and it was actually pretty exciting. lol

Check out this video from Mr.Mobile for a more indepth description:

Happy hunting! :) - What apps do your kids love?


  1. My 12 year old son asked me to download this app on his phone a couple of hours ago so your post is right on time for me! Up until now he's been obsessed with Minecraft which basically means he's sitting in front of his laptop for hours on end. I love that this game encourages kids to get up and outside, even if it's with smartphone in hand! Thanks for the explanation!


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