Product Review: CozyPhones

About the company

Cozyphones were developed by a family owned business. They sell fun, comfortable, kids headband headphones AND headband headphones for all ages! They are great for sleep, meditation, sports, casual use, etc.
Cozyphones is a U.S. based business, and they promise 100% satisfaction. 

My review
My son LOVES them! We opened the package about an hour ago, and the pictures seen below are his genuine reaction to them. He didn't understand how headphones could be IN the headband because he says that he can't feel them (before this, he was using bulky over the ear headphones). 
My son "allowed" me to try them on for a few minutes, before letting me know that they are now his ;) , and they really are great. Good sound quality, comfortable to wear, and cute design for kids! :) 
My only semi-negative comment would be that I wish that they had more designs for the adult headband headphones. Like more colors or zebra print? However, I'm sure that as this great company expands, there will be greater choice.
To conclude, I am very pleased with this product, and I would definitely recommend Cozyphones to friends and family.
With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, what is there to lose?
Check out their site! CLICK HERE
The headphones are typically $29.99, but they are currently on sale for $19.99. 

Thank you for reading! xo

*For this review, we were sent 1 pair of Cozyphones.