10 Tips for Avoiding Pregnancy Weight-Gain:

With my first pregnancy, I gained a whopping 50lbs! Let's just say that I took eating for two much too literally. With this second pregnancy, I gained 27lbs. total, and lost 34lbs. within a week after delivery. Gaining at least SOME weight during pregnancy is inevitable, and necessary even. You're creating a human. But here are my 10 tips for avoiding the EXTRA weight-gain:

1. Assuming that you aren't currently living a horribly unhealthy lifestyle, try to keep your life as close to normal as possible. Go to work, do your normal chores, go grocery shopping...keep moving! I completely understand how exhausting pregnancy is, so fit a nap in somewhere, but don't spend your pregnancy lounging. Stay active and you'll feel much better after the baby arrives! If you get to use to lounging and napping, you're in for one hell of a rude awakening when your little one arrives.

2. Indulge and move on. Want a piece of cake? Want a slice of pizza? Want a delectable pasta dish? HAVE IT! Have a serving, and then move on. 

3. Weigh yourself every morning at the same time. It helps! If I had a poor day of eating, the next day, the scale put me in check quick! It made me want to make better choices after seeing where my poor decisions got me.

4. Drink a shit ton of water! Seriously. Go out and by like a Bubba mug and drink at least 2-3 a day. It's good for you, and it's good for baby.

5. Watch your salt intake! Salt is no bueno...especially during the end of pregnancy. It makes you hold more water and can make you swell. 

6. Exercise. Go for a walk, dance (with non-slip socks on if you have hardwood floors lol), do something! I even tried YouTube videos; there are some really great pregnant YouTube exercise videos out there. I really enjoyed this 6 minute pregnant pilates video from Blogilates--> . 

7. Sleep. As difficult as it can be during pregnancy, make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night. You're creating life and need all of the energy you can get! 

8. Cook healthier meals. Try to fit in veggies and fruit everyday. Switch to olive oil, use Mrs. Dash seasoning (no salt), use a sugar substitute, go for whole wheat bread, eat more protein, etc. The internet is filled with healthy alternatives to our favorite unhealthy dishes...give one a try!

9. Snack! I realize that sounds counterintuitive, but it's not! Having a snack between meals helps keep your metabolism going. A snack is not a cheeseburger. I recommend keeping clementines, grapes, apples, carrots, bananas, cheese and crackers, raisins, and similar healthy items on hand. Smoothies are also a nice option!

10. Get help from easy to use apps! I love Myfitnesspal to keep track of activity, calories, water intake, and weight. And I HIGHLY recommend the app Yummly for recipe ideas that are customized to your tastes, needs, and skill level.

I hope that you all find these tips to be helpful. The pregnant body is a beautiful thing, cherish it! 

Thanks for reading! <3