Hello there. My name is Lex, and I'm 28 years young. I am a mother of two and currently live near Chicago, Illinois. I am a teacher, and go to grad school full-time (I'll be done December 2018!!!). I speak English & French. I love photography, fashion, fitness, reading, traveling, learning, and shopping. I'm obsessed with Target, Dwayne Douglas 'The Rock" Johnson, Chanel, Netflix Originals and essential oils. I love the show The Office. I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. I love to dance and always sing in the shower. My favorite colors are red, black, and green. I'm the oldest of 3 siblings. I'm a libra. I have tattoos. I dislike Beyonce. I love makeup. My hair is naturally curly. I hate flying. I enjoy the sound of water. I would marry Tom hanks. I hate bees. I'm allergic to nuts. I had a crazy childhood. I believe in God, but I'm not religious. I love stand-up comedy. I love Qtips. 

Nice to 'meet' you!

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  1. No offence but at just 28 ... you're not a MILF:) Very attractive and super hot and awesome - yes, MILF, hmmm not yet:) Nice blog BTW